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As you head out to enjoy the wilderness for a weekend or perhaps longer, you may be wondering how you’re going to keep the kids entertained for such an extended period of time without the aid of TVs, tablets or laptops – or at least, with limitations on these. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems. Here are some key tips to keep the children engaged in the camping experience and make everyday fun:

  • Get Them Involved

One way the kids are guaranteed to get bored is if they become passive tagalongs on your trip. Don’t let that happen. Get them involved even before the trip starts. Let them help pack, talk to them about possible destinations and what they can expect to see and do there. Encourage them to express ideas about what they’d like to do and then involve them in the planning. Once at the campsite, let them take part in any setup chores, like pitching tents, and so on.

  • Pick the Right Campsite

Do some research on campsites, and pick the one that has sufficient amenities that can keep the kids busy. Some sites have ballfields and other games areas, and might even offer nature trails for either hiking or ATV’s. Ensure that there will always be stimulation available – at least you know it’s good, nature-centred stimulation.

  • Plan Ahead

At some point, the time may come when those dreaded words will arise: “I’m bored!” If you’ve done your research and planned ahead, you can always have an activity ready to counter that protest. Try to keep some particularly exciting ones in reserve. That’s a good time to suggest taking a boat out on a nearby lake, or something similar.


Camping should be a fun learning experience for all involved, and the best way to enjoy it is in a comfy, family-friendly trailer. Contact Camping in Style to find the RV perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

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