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Preparing your RV for winter storage takes a bit of work, but this handy guide will provide you with tips on how to get your RV ready for hibernation while keeping it in tip-top shape. Follow this guide to protect your investment against damage from harsh weather, unwanted critters and general wear-and-tear over the cold winter months.


Prep for Storage


Prepping for storage is half the battle already won. Here are some common tasks that need taking care of:

  • Clean the interior and exterior by giving your RV a good scrub. Clean all the little nooks and crannies, and take note of any repair tasks that need your attention.

  • Defrost the refrigerator, clean it out and prop the door open to get rid of any odours.

  • Make your RV critter resistant by removing food, perishable items and nesting materials (like paper towels), closing hatches, setting traps and propping cupboard and refrigerator doors open to discourage nesting (critters like hiding in warm, dark spaces).

  • Remove valuables to avoid damage or theft.

  • Drain the water system, disconnect, remove and store batteries, remove propane tanks and vent propane lines. Remember if you have a gas generator,add a fuel stabilizing product to your fuel tank (follow product instructions carefully).


Inspect and Repair


Go over the list you created in the process of prepping your RV for storage and take care of any repair tasks. If you’re inexperienced or unsure of any tasks, contact the Camping in Style Service Centre for expert assistance. Don’t let these repairs stand over until you bring your RV out of hibernation as the damage can worsen over time:

  • Reseal and re-caulk any holes or cracks. This is especially important to keep moisture out and prevent mould from forming. 

  • Replace damaged windows or locks to keep thieves from getting into the RV.

  • Re-inspect your vehicle every few weeks to check rodent traps and to repair any issues that may be caused by storage conditions. 




This is the last part of the process, but you need to spend time on protecting your RV from various possible risks in storage:

  • Choose a safe location to keep your RV stored. The best surface to store your RV is gravel. Grassy areas or fields will likely have more unwanted visitors looking at your trailer. Close the windows and lock doors. Remember to check local regulations and bylaws on keeping your RV parked on the street front.

  • Cover your vehicle with a breathable tarp to avoid condensation from gathering as this may cause rust and mould.

  • Check tire pressure and cover tires.

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