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Shopping for an RV (also known as Rig or Coach) can be a daunting experience, especially when you don’t know your cockpit from your chassis. If you’re a newbie to the RV world, and you’d like to get out of your Stick ‘n Brick*, we’ve got you covered with the essential guide to RV terms and definitions. 

* RV enthusiast’s term for a regular house


Common RV Terms and Definitions

  • Auxiliary Battery

An extra battery to power 12 Volt equipment. This can be either 1, 12 Volt battery or 2, 6 Volts batteries.

  • Basement

The storage area located under the Fifth Wheel trailer.

  • Black Water

The wastewater from the toilet (held in a Black Water Tank).

  • Boondocking

Camping without external electricity, water or sewage (also called “roughing it” or “dry camping”).

  • Bunkhouse

The floor plan in an RV with bunk beds.

  • Chassis

The support framework of the RV.

  • Hitch (also called a coupler): 

This connects a trailer to the hitch of the tow vehicle.

  • Dry Weight (also called curb weight): 

The weight of the RV which excludes water or belongings.

  • Fresh Water Tank

A tank for fresh water.

  • Grey Water

The water from the sinks and showers (held in a grey water tank).

  • Hose Bib

The freshwater faucet at a campsite.

  • Stabilizer Jacks

The mechanical (or scissors) jacks used to prevent the RV from shaking while camping. Not used for leveling a trailer.

  • Levelling Jacks

The electric or hydraulic jacks used to get the RV level with the ground.

  • Weight Distribution Hitch:

Replaces the traditional ball hitch and is used to equalize the dip occurs between the trailer and tow vehicle. A highly recommended option.

  • Sway Control:

Can be used with a Weight Distribution Hitch or separately. This helps to minimize the side to side movement a trailer experiences during towing.

  • Fifth Wheel Hitch:

A mechanical device that is installed in the bed of a truck. Used to tow a fifth wheel trailer. There are three basic types, fixed, manual slider and auto slider types.

  • Pop-Up

Small trailer (or tent trailer) where the roof is cranked up to add standing room to the RV.

  • Quick Disconnect

Fittings that allow you to quickly connect and disconnect parts of the RV (such as water or propane lines ) without tools.

  • Reefer

A refrigerator.

  • Sani-Dump(also called a Dump Station): 

A place where RV waste tanks can be emptied.

  • Self-Contained

RV with indoor plumbing.

  • Slideout

RV that has expanding walls or sections to create more living space.

  • Underbelly

The surface underneath the RV. Some trailers have enclosed underbellies.

  • Wheel Chocks

Blocks made from plastic or wood that stop the RV from rolling.

  • Winterizing

Preparing an RV for winter storage.

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